Formerly Pitbull Conference


We could brag, but instead we let our attendees do the talking.



NPLA Conference brings together the top industry players together for the best networking event out there. We always see a tremendous return on our investment.
Jason Harris

President, Jcap

This conference is like oxygen; It’s not optional. All of our customers are at NPLA. Watching them grow and expand still gives me goosebumps. What’s better than the NPLA conference? Not much.
AJ Poulin

Vice President of Sales, The Mortgage Office

Global Integrity Finance has been to two NPLA conferences this year, and because of these amazing events, we have been able to take our firm nationwide. Through the alliances and leadership coming out of this conference, Global Integrity Finance has grown month over month. I cannot say enough about NPLA and all that it offers!

Toby Potter

President & CEO, Global Integrity Finance

We attended a NPLA Conference event in 2008 (the year we started) and learned many valuable lessons. I can truly say that it catapulted us to where we are today.

Bernie Navarro

President, Benworth Capital

Attending NPLA Conferences has tremendously contributed to the growth of our platform. We leave every event with an overwhelming amount of leads from all over the country – lenders, brokers, investors and service providers.

Rocky Butani

Private Lender Link, Inc.

As someone who has gone to countless conferences for 25 years, NPLA sets itself apart by bringing together a hand-picked mixture of lenders and investors and creating an intimate environment where valuable relationships can be formed. High quality connections, real opportunities, focused on success.

Marty Coyne

CTO, Connected Investors