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Premium Listing Subscription

Put your company on top…literally. Advertise your company at the top of our directory page. Your ad will remain constant regardless of search terms entered. For details contact us here.

Featured Listing Subscription

By purchasing a Featured Listing subscription your company will automatically appear in the top tier of applicable search results, with a guaranteed first page view. You may also brand your listing with your company’s logo. All companies wishing to be listed must have a functioning website operating under the same name. All submissions are subject to approval.

Subscriptions start at $299 – which includes one state, one category. You may choose to be listed in additional states at the rate of $99 each, with a price break occurring at four or more states. The maximum number of categories a company may select is set at three.

Categories to Select From:

  • Accountants
  • Appraisal Services
  • Attorneys
  • Hard Money / Private Money Brokers
  • Hard Money / Private Money Lenders*
    – Agriculture / Raw Land
    – Commercial / Non Owner Occupied
    – Most Categories Including Owner Occupied
    – Rehab / Fix & Flip Specialists
  • Investment Management
  • Loan Servicing
  • Mortgage Insurance
  • Note Buyers & Sellers
  • Service Providers & Resources
  • Software
  • Title & Escrow

*If you are a Lender, please select the sub-category (or sub-categories) that best suits you. Only one sub-category is available with free listings.

Pricing as follows:

1 State, 1 Category = $299/yr
2 States, 1 Categories = $398/yr
3 States, 1 Categories = $497/yr
4 or more States, 1 Category = $596/yr

1 State, 2 Categories = $598/yr
2 States, 2 Categories = $796/yr
3 States, 2 Categories = $994/yr
4 or more States, 2 Categories = $1192/yr

1 State, 3 Categories = $897/yr
2 States, 3 Categories = $1194/yr
3 States, 3 Categories = $1491/yr
4 or more States, 3 Categories = $1788/yr

Subscriptions run for the period of 12 months and are set to renew automatically. If you choose not to renew, simply contact our office any time prior to renewal date.

Free Listing

List your company free of charge. Free listings are limited to one State and Category. All companies wishing to be listed must have a functioning website operating under the same name. All submissions are subject to approval.