Formerly Pitbull Conference
NPLA Conference The Market Maker in Private Lending


OCTOBER 27th – 29th, 2024

Join hundreds of Guests and Sponsors at the Largest Private Lending Conference in the Country!

NPLA Conference is the largest private lending conference in the country. We have served the private lending space for 21 years. Our success can be attributed to our track record of consistently producing premium events for industry professionals to network and grow their businesses. We are nearing our 61st event and take great pride in the lasting relationships we have cultivated over time with both Sponsors and Guests.

Our mission is to facilitate commerce between capital providers, lenders, investors, brokers, and service providers. We also provide crucial real-time information regarding marketplace conditions and industry standards.

We are the Market Maker in Private Lending.

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We serve brokers by providing credible funding sources for most commercial real estate endeavors. Private money lenders and real estate investors from all over the country attend our events, with the sole purpose of generating deal flow. Tapping into our network of funding sources ensures you will always have the solution to your client’s financial needs.

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Private Lenders

Linking brokers to lenders and lenders to investors is what we do best. In fact, any lender who regularly attends a NPLA event will never find themselves lacking deal flow OR investment capital. Raise capital more efficiently by tapping into our network of private investors, including those using their self-directed IRAs.

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While never straying too far from the fundamentals of prudent investing, NPLA Conference welcomes the opportunity to introduce new and exciting opportunities to our audience of real estate investors. There is no better place to learn how a real estate investment fund or mortgage pool can change the trajectory of your business forever.

private money service providers

Service Providers

The NPLA network includes a vast array of service providers that include real estate appraisers, accountants, legal experts, software creators, title and escrow companies, as well as loan servicers. Our network easily connects these companies with the real estate professionals they look to serve.